Old oRchard Productions


Hailing from Philadelphia, PA - Old Orchard Productions is the home to several experimental music projects. We are both a home studio and a space for intersecting musical landscapes. Creative collaborations include Books for Seniors, Third Removed from Truth, The V Codes, Zwieback and the visual and musical output of Jason Hutchings. 


Books for Seniors:

A truly unique and unprecedented collaboration between John Ireland and Jason Hutchings. Long time friends and musical compatriots brought back together in 2016 by very real circumstances, namely, the love of music and fighting cancer. This collaboration has contributed to the "working through" of the many emotions associated with being diagnosed, treated, "Side effected" and other existential predicaments associated with, not only being alive, but being made to realize how mortal we are. Not to mention the love of it all. 


Instant friends Ryan Boddy and Jason Hutchings collaborate in person and remotely to keep their project alive. Ryan Boddy a talented drummer and keyboard player brings a special foundation to the music. Just as instantly as they became friends, their musical chemistry simultaneously gelled in a very profound, and at times, humorous way.

Jason Hutchings:

Jason Hutchings has several music and visual art projects. 

Third Removed from Truth: 

A friendship amongst three tricksters Brennan Mosch, John Ireland, and Jason Hutchings. Their friendship and musical kinship Started in college and was reinvigorated after recording an improvised album over the course of a weekend. A brief explanation of the bands name: Plato thought that art was a corruptive force and in an ideal society should be censored.  There is the ultimate truth of the ideal forms, then there is reality as we know it which is a shadow of these ideal forms, then there is a third level of truth which copies our reality (i.e. art: a copy of a copy = Third Removed).  Art is persuasive and compelling and able to deceive people into thinking the artist is an expert in reality, thus (according to Plato) it distracts our gaze from the true reality and we mistake the artists interpretation of reality as truth.

The V Codes:

Ryan Boddy, Brandon Bergman, Phil Martin, and Jason Hutchings met during graduate school and created this fun project. Several fully improvised songs came out of it and are posted here on the site. We played two gigs in  Fort Lauderdale. One entitled "A-Muse" and music and art showing as well as at the amazing bar "Laser Wolf



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